Chuleta de Pollo o Cerdo

Your choice of pork chop or chicken cutlet prepared Colombian-style and served with rice, salad, potatoes, and yuca in creole stew


Fiambre is a truly authentic Colombian experience based on the practice of travelers who would wrap up various leftovers into a plantain leaf to carry with them. Our restaurant version features a combination of rice, chicken thigh, beef rib, potatoes and yuca in creole stew, all served on a bed of plantain leaves

Bandeja Paisa

This signature Colombian dish is the most popular of them all, includes Colombian-style ground beef, chorizo (pork sausage), chicharron (fried pork belly), a fried egg, sweet plantains, avocado and arepa (a cornmeal cake) and served with mazamorra (corn porridge)

Lengua en Salsa

Experience the goodness of this traditional Colombian dish of Colombian-style beef tongue in creole sauce, served with rice, salad, potatoes and yuca in creole stew

Sobrebarriga Guisada o Dorada

Sobrebarriga Guisada o Dorada is a traditional Colombian dish made with flank steak and a very flavorful Creole sauce served with rice, salad, potatoes, and yuca in creole sauce for an ultimate delightful experience

Carne Campesina Dona Jacinta

Delicious traditional Colombian steak dish cooked creole-style with sautéed tomatoes, green peppers and onions, served with arepa and rice

Higado Encebollado

Tender and delicious sautéed liver and onions deliciously cooked to perfection in a creole sauce and served with rice and arepa

Grilled Salmon

Our signature fresh salmon is sure to satisfy your taste buds because it’s grilled to perfection, served with steamed vegetables and mash potatoes

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